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English overview

"Ohrozene Kostoly - Religious Heritage at Risk, NGO" is volunteer, non-profit, non-governmental civic association, registered at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovak Republic.
Our aim is to call the attention to problem of underusing and redundancy of historical places of worship and to offer solutions, advices and search suitable uses and also to raise or find funds for restoration and maintenance. Our organization offers countrywide basis for local community initiatives and organizations caring for religious heritage in our country and also offers them platform for negotiating with church institutions, municipalities and auhtorities.

Main activities of our organization:
- helping local people/organizations/initiatives with their places of worship in danger
(underused, redundant, damaged...)
- negotiating with municipalities, churches, authorities, sponsors ...
- research in the field of underusing and redundancy of historical places of worship
- documentation and historical research of endangered churches; maintenance;
designing architectural projects of restoration; restoration
- maintaining also movable heritage and archives (church archives, parish archives)
- finding and gaining funds

Our website
The website and initiative www.ohrozenekostoly.sk (transl.: “endangered churches”), is the only countrywide initiative working to protect historical places of worship and to gain knowledge about underused and redundant churches and chapels in Slovakia.
Everything is run out of the pure enthusiasm of two PhD students at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, there is no financial profit from the activities.

Our website provides:
- the database of underused and redundant churches - "Databáza - zoznam objektov"
- interactive map of underused and redundant churches and chapels (red) and ongoing projects (blue) - "Mapa objektov"
- maintenance guide for owners of historical places of worship - “Starostlivosť”
- ongoing projects - “Projekty záchrany a obnovy”
- terminology in slovak language - “Terminológia”

As a registrated user, you can do a filtered search according to denomination, type of building, region, district, historical region, which is useful to find common features/factors etc. - “Filter”

Also visit the “Facebook page”, for more informal and more actual information on what is going on.

If you need more detailed information about project OhrozeneKostoly.sk or about particular projects or places of worship, do not hesitate to contact us at: info@ohrozenekostoly.sk

Tip: when you hold the mouse cursor on the menu item, it will show you (beside Slovak description) also translation in English.

o.z. Ohrozené Kostoly
Marcheggská 82
900 31 Stupava

Bank: VÚB a.s.
account no.: 3088347853/0200
IBAN: SK42 0200 0000 0030 8834 7853
IČO: 422 664 75 (identification number of organization)
DIČ: 202 36 56 217 (tax identification number)

e-mail: ohrozenekostoly@ohrozenekostoly.sk